Brazilian entrepreneurs still unsure on how to do business with China, says Sao Paulo commercial association chief

12 August 2009

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 12 Aug – Many Brazilian companies still do not understand how to do business with China, the director of the Sao Paulo Commercial Association, Sidnei Docal, has said.

Docal told the Lusa news agency the first step should be “mutual awareness”, adding “Brazilian entrepreneurs have shown interest and have a lot of curiosity.”

Officials from Macau and China’s Guangdong province took part in a Sao Paulo business conference this week to present business openings in Southern China to their counterparts in Brazilian counterparts. The meeting gathered 300 people, including 200 Brazilian company representatives from sectors like technology, agro-business and wine.

“The great merit of this encounter was to inform. Many Brazilians do not know the province of Guangdong and its history and location,” noted Docal, adding some executives were displaying a “certain caution” as there is still an “unawareness on how to do business in China.”

Language is still a barrier, said Docal, and although the Macau delegation at the meeting spoke Portuguese officials from Guangdong spoke Mandarin. But channels of communication are open because “figures show that sales are increasing yearly.”

The Sao Paulo event preceded the 5th Meeting of Entrepreneurs for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese Language Countries, taking place in Rio de Janeiro until 13 Aug. Besides delegations from Macau and China representatives from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and East Timor will attend the Rio gathering. (macauhub)