Mozambican Fisheries Ministry says it has sufficient funding to patrol the coast

21 August 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 21 Aug – Mozambique pays out US$3,000 to patrol activities along its coast, the country’s fisheries minister, Cadmiel Muthemba said Wednesday in Maputo.

During a press conference, the minister said that the US$1.095 million that the ministry currently spends on patrolling the over 2,500-kilometre coastline was enough to combat cases of illegal fishing, amongst other activities.

At the same meeting, Muthemba said that the Mozambican government had taken possession of the Antillas Reefer ship, property of the Mabenal company, controlled by a Uruguayan-owned, Spanish-based company and by Gondola Fishing, registered in Namibia, with a value of US$20 million.

The ship had been seized in July last year with a cargo estimated at US$5 million and made up of 43 tonnes of shark, 4 tonnes of fins, 1.8 tonnes of tails, 11.3 tonnes of liver and 20 tonnes of shark oil.

At the time, the ship was seized an a fine of 105 million meticals imposed (around US$3.95 million).

Following a court process, teh Administrative Court recently ruled against the ship owners’ appeal and handed the Antillas Reefer over to the State. (macauhub)