Angolan government invests in re-launch of Soyo industrial hub

24 August 2009

Soyo, Angola, 24 Aug – The Angolan government plans, by 2012 to invest US$2 billion in the re-launch of the Soyo Industrial Park, in Zaire province, based on liquid petroleum gas (LPG) derivatives, the deputy Industry minister, Kiala Gabriel said Saturday.

The deputy minister, who ended a two-day visit to Soyo Saturday, also said that the future industrial hub, the perimeter of which has already been established, will have units for production of pesticide, ammonia, urea, methanol, ethylene, polymers, metal works and tyre resurfacing, amongst other factories.

“It is not out of the question to carry out construction projects for other factories for products to support agriculture, production of construction materials or food,” said Gabriel.

The area will also benefit from the construction of systems to supply water and electricity, telecommunications, as well as buildings streets, sidewalks, sewage networks and fire fighting systems, amongst other support facilities.

The Industry Ministry plans o put in place, in the 2009-2012 period, other industrial projects in the municipalities of Mbanza-Kongo, Nzeto, Tomboco and Nóqui, all part of the re-launch of the Angolan manufacturing industry. (macauhub)