Guinea Bissau exports over 132,000 tonnes of cashew nuts

25 August 2009

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 25 Aug – Guinea Bissau has so far this year exported 132,000 tonnes of cashew nuts, the best sales season of the country’s main export product, the director general of Trade and Competition said Monday in Bissau.

Speaking to Portuguese news agency Lusa, Hélder Barros said that the amount already exported to India, the main purchasing market for the product, had already exceeded the target of 120,000 tonnes.

In order to achieve over 132,000 tonnes exported by 23 August, the country’s land borders were strictly controlled in order to prevent illegal exports of cashews, said Barros.

The country is expected to net around US$80 million from cashew exports, Barros said, noting that the government was satisfied with the results achieved.

Barros noted, however, that the political and military events of March (assassination of the President of the Republic and the Head of the Armed Forces) and June (assassinations of two members of parliament accused of an attempted state coup) had had a negative effect on the cashew export season.

“Many foreign operators left the country when these events occured. This negatively influenced the buying price,” said Barros, noting that when there was political stability in Guinea Bissau, exports would “easily” reach 150,000 tonnes of cashews. (macauhub)