Swedish company has forestry projects in Mozambique worth estimated US$140 million

2 September 2009

Lichinga, Mozambique, 2 Sept – Chikwete Forests, a company majority owned by Swedish shareholders (Global Solidarity Forest Fund ) has a portfolio of forestry sector projects in Mozambique valued at US$140 million.

Rosa Tham, managing director of Chijwete told Macauhub in Lichinga that in the forestry project in Niassa province alone US$70 million would be invested over the next 10 years.

Other projects in the forestry sector, worth US$70 million, are underway in the districts of Gurue and Mocuba in Zambézia province, in central-northern Mozambique and in Massangulo, in Nguama district, Niassa province.

Chikwete, according to the managing director, has a license for Use and Profit from Land (DUAT) for 35,000 hectares in the Lichinga district project.

Tham told Macauhub that her company’s aim was to plant 10,000 hectares in the season beginning in December, 15 percent of which for replanting and 85 percent for new planting.

The company expects to plant 10 million trees in that period, particulalry pine and eucalyptus.

Tham also said that so far US$9 million had been invested in the project, which had been used for 8 hectares of nurseries, facilities and salaries for 250 workers.

The company plans to expand its area from the current 35,000 hectares to 100,000 hectares, said the managing director of Chikwete, whose shareholders also include the Malonda Foundation,. Eduardo Mondlane University, Harvard University and the Anglican Church of Mozambique.

The first export of wood will be sent to Malawi but markets such as China, India, Vietnam, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe are included in the regions to where the company has plans to export. (macauhub)