Mozambique’s Manica province expects to export 700 tonnes of bananas to Europe

3 September 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 3 Sept – Mozambique’s Manica province may export this year, around 700 tonnes of bananas to Europe, according to the office fo provincial governor Maurício Vieira.

With the introduction of new cropping techniques, which consist of production based on homogenous crops, which was introduced last year, banana production increased in Manica, according to Canal Moçambique.

The bananas that will be exported may be produced in the districts of Manica and Gondola, considered to be potential producers of bananas within the province.

With the introduction of the new banana production technique, the agricultural sector in general may increasingly contribute to the economic growth of Manica province.

The governor of Manica, Vieira said that with the introduction of this new production method, banana exports would rise after seeing a drop of 1 percent in the current season. (macauhub)