Angolan authorities expect to have 1 million head of cattle in Benguela province in next ten years

4 September 2009

Luanda, Angola, 4 Sept – The provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate (DPADR) in Angola’s Benguela province estimated that, within the next ten years, the province will have an average of 1 million head of beef cattle, as a result of a programme to boost and repopulate cattle underway in the region.

Benguela province currently has 280,000 head of beef cattle of the zebé and nelore breeds.

“We believe that at least 800,000 or 1 million head of cattle can be reached within ten years,” said a DPADR official, adding that the provincial Government would provide technical and scientific support to study and draw up projects for livestock farms in Benguela.

The government palns to reduce the amount of meat imported into Angola, as well as allowing Benguela province to recover some of the production capacity it had in 1974 during the colonial period.

The Angolan government also plans to support the projects of cattle farmers by supporting them in securing funding from Banco de Desnvolvimento de Angola (BDA) to import cattle from highly experienced countries such as Brazil. (macauhub)