Seven hundred and fifty kilometres of roads refurbished in Kwanza Norte province, Angola

8 September 2009

Ndalatando, Angola, 8 Sept – Seven hundred and fifty kilometres of roads are being rebuilt by the Angolan National Roads Institute (INEA) in Kwanza Norte province, as part of the programme to rebuild the province’s road network, underway since 2006.

The road network in Kwanza Norte covers 2,300 kilometres of roads.

The provincial director of INEA, Mondonça Luís, said that rebuilding work was underway on the sections of road between Alto Dondo/São Pedro da Quilemba( 48.5 kilometres), Maria Teresa/Caxilo (60 kilometres) and Maria Teresa/Dondo (70 kilometres).

The roads between Ndalatando/Golungo Alto, Quilombo dos Dembos/Cambondo, Camame/Quilombo dos Dembos/Camame/Banga, Golungo Alto/Camame, Lucala/Negage, andSamba Cajú/Banga/Kiculungo/Bolongongo/Terreiro are also undergoing refurbishment.

The renewal of the province’s road network is expected to take three years.

According to Luís work on the sections between Lucala/Cacuso, Alto Dondo/desvio da Munenga and Ndalatando/Lucala has already been concluded.

Contracts are due to be signed soon for reconstruction of the Cuso/Samba Lucala/Kinje, Banga/Aldeia Nova/Terreiro, Bolongongo/Maua/Camabatela and Terreiro/Kikiemba routes, as well as Terreiro/Cote. (macauhub)