Angola and the Philippines study cooperation in the coffee sector

10 September 2009

Manila, Philippines, 10 Sept – Angola and the Philippines may soon start a joint project linked to coffee production and research, Angola’s ambassador to the Philippines, Flávio Fonseca, announced, according to the Philippine press.

Varieties of coffee from Angola may benefit production in the Philippines and new Philippine technologies could improve the quality of Angolan coffee.

“Our intention is to promote a rise in coffee production,” the diplomat said during a visit to a coffee plantation in Cavite, in the central-north Philippines.

Fonseca also said that the two countries were identifying ways of cooperating that would also allow Angolans to train in developing coffee exploration, particularly roasting and sale of the product on international markets.

The ambassador said that in return Angola would provide the Philippines with the Amboim, Ambriz, Cazengo, and Huambo Arábica coffee varieties.

The Philippines consumes 65,000 tonnes of coffee per year but produces only 35,000 tonnes.
The Philippines import coffee from Vietnam and Indonesia.

In 2002 Angola launched a campaign to re-launch coffee product with the aim of once again becoming a world class producer. (macauhub)