Cape Verde requests US$13.9 million from Millennium Challenge Account

11 September 2009

Praia, Cape Verde, 11 Sept – The Cape Verde MCA has requested new funding of US$13.9 million from the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) for construction of infrastructures, an official said Friday.

According to Mehdi Brito, director of the Cape Verde MCA, proper use of resources that had already been provided and transparency were some of the “trump cards” that would ensure funding from the MCA, as the assessment of the first packages, which ends this month was “extremely positive.”

The decision to make a new request was taken Wednesday at the 17th meeting of the Coordinating Council of the MCA and aims to cover the costs of building infrastructures being built across the archipelago in the period between October and December of this year.

“This is almost US$14 million and we expect to spend around US$10 million on infrastructures, such as conclusion of the port of Praia, the bridges of Santo Antão and a road in Santiago,” said Brito.

The Coordinating Council of the MCA is headed up by Cape Verde’s Finance Minister, Cristina Duarte. (macauhub)