Cape Verde focuses on shrimp and lobster farming with technical support from China

21 September 2009

Mindelo, Cape Verde, 21 Sept – Chinese technicians in partnership with Cape Verde’s National Fishing Development Institute´(INDP) has begun work on drawing up a Strategic Pisciculture Development Plan (PNDP) for Cape Verde aimed at developing, at sea or in nurseries, farming of some species, namely shrimp and lobster.

The plan, which was launched in Sao Vicente, Is due to be concluded within a year and will make it possible to replace the stocks of the seafood that is most in demand in Cape Verde, as well as to increase the export of fish and contribute to improved food safety on the archipelago.

Meanwhile the government is contacting with its foreign partners such as China, the European Union, Spain and Japan in order to secure funding for carrying out the national pisciculture plan.

Last week businesspeople from Brazil and Cape Verde, with the financial support fo a Dutch fund, announced that they would produce farmed shrimp in Cape Verde.

The joint venture, which represents an investment of 1.5 million euros, will be based on industrial technology from Ceará. (macauhub)