Cape Verde requests further funding from Millennium Challenge Account for infrastructures

22 September 2009

Praia, Cape Verde, 22 Sept – Cape Verde’s Foreign Affairs Minister is due this week, in the United States, to negotiate an new financial package for the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) programme in Cape Verde to fund infrastructure construction on the archipelago up to the end of this year.

A source from the Cape Verdean Foreign Affairs Ministry told Portuguese news agency Lusa Tuesday that José Brito would ask the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) board to continue the programme that was successfully started some three years ago and is due to come to an end at the end of this month.

On 10 September MCA Cape Verde asked the MCC for new funding of US$13.9 million for construction of infrastructures.

“This is almost US$14 million and we expect to spend around US$10 million on infrastructures, such as conclusion of the port of Praia, the bridges of Santo Antão and a road in Santiago,” said Brito.

The second funding package is aimed at funding projects in the areas of agriculture, water collection, access to the market and protection of coastal areas. (macauhub)