China’s AVIC sets up base to manufacture aircraft in Zhuhai

24 September 2009

Zhuhai, China, 24 Sept – The Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) has announced it will set up its headquarters in the municipality of Zhuhai, on the border with Macau.

AVIC, which was set up in 2008 to head up aviation development in China runs the Guizhou Aviation Industry Group, which is focused on manufacturing auto-pilot aircraft and Shijiazhung Aircraft Industry which manufacture light aircraft.

The company is building a factory in Zhuhai to assemble light commercial jets, which is due to start operating next year.

AVIC has said it may acquire a company that manufactures private aircraft as a way to easily strengthen the group.

The chairman of AVIC Tan Weidong also said that the Zhuhai factory had plans to build 60-ton, four-engine amphibious aircraft to be used to fight fires in China.

Zhuhai will be the company’s centre for research, development, sale, assembly and tests, Tan said. (macauhub)