US company Andarko begins search for oil in Rovuma, Mozambique over next few months

28 September 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 28 Sept – US oil company Anadarko over the next four months plans to drill three deep wells at the start of its hydrocarbon prospecting operation in the Rovuma sedimentary basin in northern Mozambique, said Carlos Zacarias, chairman of the National Oil Institute (INP) told Mozambican newspaper Notícias.

Zacarias said that the first well would be drilled at an onshore oil block in the middle of next month and thus the first drilling equipment has already started arriving at Pemba.

The other two wells will be drilled in January of next year in the US company’s offshore block.

The chairman of the INP said that this drilling was “the culmination of extensive research begun four years ago by the company and it may contribute to the discovery of oil and gas and to a better understanding of the type of oil system in the area.”

The drilling will take place after a long process of seismic surveying that identified a geological seam with appropriate characteristics for the occurrence of hydrocarbons, more specifically oil.

The Rovuma basin has an extensive area with three or four large companies as operators.

The onshore operator at Rovuma is Anadarko. The offshore operators are Anadarko, Eny, Staty Hidro and Petronas.

Zacarias also said that over the last two years around 12,000 square kilometres of seismic surveys were carried out. (macauhub)