Mozambique’s National Tourism Institute invests US$9.2 million

30 September 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 Sept – Mozambique’s National Tourism Institute (Inatur) plans to invest 250 million meticals, or around US$9.2 million, in accommodation projects in the north, centre and south of Mozambique, Macauhub has learned from a tourism sector source.

The project is expected to create 360 jobs and will make it possible for the government to collect 9.7 million meticals in taxes each year.

The source said that the project aimed to build a total 60 accommodation units, with 24 units built in na initial phase.

The units to be built are the property of Inatur and will be handed over to be run by the national private sector, with preference for business owners in the respective regions.

Three of the four units planned to be built this year in the districts of Moamba (Maputo province), Guijá (Gaza province) and Alto Mocué (Zambézia province) are currently under construction.

A topographic survey has been carried out for construction of accommodation units in the other provinces, with work due to begin in the first half of November. (macauhub)