Mozambique to classify cotton according to scientific methods

14 October 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 14 Oct – The Mozambican cotton institute, IAM is modernising its cotton classification system, which is currently done manually and without any credible basis, a senior official from the institute told Macauhub.

According to Mozambican newspaper Notícias, Osvaldo Catine said that the project, which is expected to cost around US$500,000, aimed to respond to the recommendations of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), on instrumental classification of cotton.

Cati9ne said that preparations were being made to install the imported equipment in the IAM delegations in the city of Beira and in the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado.

Amongst other activities, the cotton classifications rooms in those provinces are being refurbished in order to meet strict international requirements whilst also equipping them in with acclimatisation systems.

In 2004, IAM ordered a study of the feasibility of introducing a modern cotton classification system in Mozambique known as Standardized Instrument for Testing Cotton (SITC), which resulted in importing, at the end of last year, of the necessary equipment.

The instrumental classification system reduces the errors that result from several single analyses by classifiers about the characteristics of the cotton, as, as cotton is a difficult product to classify, a slight environmental variation (light, temperature and humidity) to which it is exposed can negatively affect the observer’s analysis.

The modernisation of the system will also make it possible to analyse the cotton in various different ways, namely its grade, resistence, maturity, fineness, length and foreign bodies in less ttime and more reliably, allowing for the characteristics of the cotton to be determined in a short space of time. (macauhub)