Cape Verde imports 80 percent of the food it consumes

19 October 2009

Praia, Cape Verde, 19 Oc t – Cape Verde importa 80 percent of the food it consumes, has just 10 percent of its land apt for agricultural production and its climate conditions are a permenent threat to agriculture, according to a United Nations (UN) study published Friday.

The document entitled, “Analysis of the Situation of the Food and Agriculture Sector in Relation to Price Rises in Cape Verde,” was presented in Praia by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) representative in Cape Verde.

Franz Van de Ven said that, despite it all, the measures taken by the government to slow the rise in prices of food products had been “quite positive.”

Amongst the various FAO aid programmes to the archipelago, Van de Ven noted the benefits to the most vulnerable families affected by the rise in prices of distribution of seeds, whilst also guaranteeing that the organisation would continue to support the food safety programme.

In his turn, the Cape Verdean Minister for the Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources, José Maria Veiga, said that the government had taken measures to reduce the impact of the crisis on the population, particularly the most vulnerable from a food point of view.

Approval of the legislative measure that aims to reduce or exempt taxation on grains and some other goods related to animal feed, such as import duty and VAT and the rise in social pensions were some of the measures adopted, Veiga said. (macauhub)