Competitiveness of the Pearl River Delta region requires economic integration of 11 urban areas

29 October 2009

Macau, China, 29 Oct – The joint development of strategies for economic and social integration of the Pearl River Delta is fundamental for the region to become one of the most competitive hubs in the world, according to a study presented Wednesday in Macau.

The study, carried out by over 30 specialists, recommends construction of world class urban centres, via cooperation between the authorities of the Chinese province of Guangdong and the two special administrative regions, Macau and Hong Kong, in terms of exploration of resources, environmental protection and development of transport infrastructures.

One of the government’s aims is make the Pearl River Delta region, which includes over 40,000 square kilometres in southern China and includes Macau, Hong Kong and nine cities in Guangdong province, more dynamic.

The aim is “economic development, greater social integration and an improvement of environmental quality to achieve sustainable development and an increase in the region’s international competitiveness,” said Francis Wong, of the office of the Secretary for Transport and Public Works of Macau, during the presentation of the results of the first regional strategic planning study.

According to the guidelines of specialists, the authorities are expected, by 2012, to focus their attention on reducing the impact of the financial crisis, via greater regional cooperation and industrial restructuring.

Later and until 2020, the authorities are expected to improve circulation of people and goods in the region and, by 2030, promote a high level of economic integration between the 11 urban areas.

The research recommends that the authorities from Macau, Hong Kong and Guangdong focus on developing an inter-regional transport network, which will include airports, ports, railway lines, roads and bridges and easing cross-border transit in order to make the circulation of people and goods in the region.

The specialists also called for the potential and advantages of each urban area to be explored from a complementary stand point, based on the role of each city. Hong Kong as a services centre, Macau as a commercial platform and the neighbouring city of Zhuhai as a trading post. (macauhub)