Shortage of food products in Mozambique could be reduced by 2011

11 November 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 11 Nov Basic food shortages in Mozambique could be substantially eased by 2011 with the implementation of the Action Plan for Food Production (2008-11), says Agriculture Minister Soares Nhaca.

To lower scarcity of cereals, beans, peanuts, cassava, beef, poultry and fish, said Nhaca, the Maputo government is introducing a range of incentives under the Action Plan for Food Production, which, coupled with assistance from the Investment Fund for Local Initiative, has created 120,000 jobs in rural areas in recent years.

Other production incentives include the Maputo authorities providing improved and subsidized seeds, as well as employing technical staff to support producers, noted the minister.

Official figures show when the action plan was approved in 2008 there were production deficits of 316,000 tons of rice, 456,500 tons of wheat, 169,300 tons of sweet potato, 24,000 tons of poultry, 50,400 tons of cooking oil and 5,400 tons of fish.

The Maputo Ministry of Agriculture says increased food production in 2010 will result in 11 percent more cereals, 4 percent more vegetables and 8 percent more cassava. (macauhub)