Brazilian investment agency projects heavy involvement by Brazilian businesspeople in Africa

12 November 2009

Lisbon, Portugal, 12 Nov – Brazilian businesspeople are becoming aware of the value of African markets, and a significant involvement by Brazil in those economies is expected, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking nations, the chairman of investment agency Apex-Brasil said.

“We are aware that we have a lot to do. You only have to look at China’s policy in relation to Angola and Mozambique, for example. But Brazilian businesspeople are starting to become aware of the value of those markets,” Alessandro Teixeira, president of the Brazilian export and investment agency APEX-Brasil told Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The policy for Africa is recent and was only launched in 2003, but, “certainly over the next few years we will witness increasing participation by Brazil in Africa, particularly in Portuguese-speaking countries,” he said.

Teixeira noted that, “a forum has already been created with that in mind,” in which China is involved because of Macau, and the meeting that was held in May showed that “Brazilian participation will be increasing in the Angolan, Mozambican and Cape Verdean economies etc.”

Apex is opening representative offices in Luanda and Brussels (where it will focus its work with European Union members countries) and has already opened one in Beijing and Moscow, the agency’s chairman said noting that, “Brazil is here to stay in the world economy.” (macauhub)