FAO supports wheat production in Mozambique

13 November 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 13 Nov – Five thousand wheat producers in two districts of the Mozambican province of Tete are receiving aid from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to purchase production equipment and improve the quality of their crops, the administrator of the Tsangano district said.

Speaking to newspaper Notícias, Herculano Conde, who did not reveal the amount of funding involved said during the last agricultural campaign that producers in the districts Angónia and Tsangano had managed to harvest and sell over 12,600 tonnes of wheat, most of which was sold by operators in neighbouring Malawi, due to a lack of financial capacity of local sales agents and poor quality of the roads.

“The road that links the city of Tete to the district capital of Tsangano underwent maintenance and is passable and that is why for this campaign we have encouraged farmers to increase their wheat production areas and all of it has already been secured by national operators,” said Conde.

The administrator of Tsangano noted however the fragile nature of controls along the border with Malawi, which was the reason for a significant part of production being smuggled across the border.

Conde said that the wheat produced in the highlands of Angónia and Tsangano is first rate and highly sought after by operators from Malawi, who constantly attract Mozambican farmers with high prices.

Meanwhile, the Agricultural authorities in Tete believe that by comparing food production and requirements for 2010, the province will have a surplus of 237,410 tonnes of grain, as compared with a surplus of 101,949 in the latest campaign. (macauhub)