Mozambican population 20 million in 2007

19 November 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 19 Nov – The population of Mozambique rose by 4.9 million people from 1997 to 2007, totalling 20.2 million, according to the final figures from the 2007 Census, published Wednesday in Maputo by the Mozambican National Statistics Institute.

Life expectancy rose from 42.3 years to 49.4 years, whilst the infant mortality rate fell from a previous 145.7 to 118.3 to every 1,000 live births, also according to the 3rd Population and Housing Census in Mozambique, which took two years to process.

Of the total population counted, 9.73 million people were male and 10.49 million were female, 29.8 percent lived in urban areas and 70.2 percent in rural areas. The dominant religion was Catholicism (28.4 percent), followed by Islam (17.9 percent) and 18.7 percent of the population does not practice any kind of religion.

The census also found that the illiteracy rate fell from 60.5 percent in 1997 to 50.4 percent in 2007, that 92.2 percent of the population live in their own home, as compared to 91.1 percent ten years previously, that 10 percent of families have access to electricity, 54 percent use oil and 30.3 percent use wood as a source of lighting.

The presentation of the figures from the 2007 Census took place on Africa Statistics Day. (macauhub)