Mozambique invests little in infrastructures, World Bank says

20 November 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 20 Nov – Mozambique needs to invest US$1.7 billion every year for a decade to reach the level of developing countries, a World Bank study published Thursday in Maputo said.

The document entitled, “The Challenges of Infrastructures in Mozambique: A continental perspective,” and carried out as part of the national infrastructure diagnostics programme in Africa, showed that the amount invested by the Mozambican state in infrastructures is reduced, of around US$700 million, as compared to the support provided by the private sector and donors.

According to the study, Mozambique has an annual investment deficit of US$771 million for infrastructure, US$403 million in transport, US$331 million for water and sanitation, US$156 million for information and communication technologies and US$61 million for irrigation.

Commenting on the report, Mozambique’s Minister for Public Works and Housing, Felício Zacarias said that the reasons for the deficit was a significant lack of financial resources and added that Mozambique lacked the materials and qualified staff to respond to the needs for development of infrastructures.

“We continue to depend largely on projects, resources, contractors and consultants that come from abroad, which leads to a fragile process of execution of our initiatives and continual delays in the operation of those infrastructures,” he said.

In his turn, Luís Tavares, the resident representative of the World Bank in Mozambique, noted that Mozambique can also gain from creating infrastructures if it were to improve the efficiency of management of its funds.

Tavares noted that the government was making great efforts in priority areas such as electricity, expansion of water and sanitation coverage, telecommunications, road and rail transport. (macauhub)