Zambézia province, Mozambique may get jatropha processing factory

30 November 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 Nov – The province of Zambézia in Mozambique may soon have a factory for pre-processing jatropha, the provincial director for agriculture for Zambézia told Mozambican newspaper Notícias in Mocuba.

Mahomed Valá added that four exploration proposals for 167,000 hectares for biofuel production had been submitted to the Council of Ministers for evaluation of their economic feasibility.

The provincial director told the newspaper that areas for jatropha production were located in the districts of Namacurra, Mocuba, Mopeia and Morrumbala and added that the land survey had been carried out, which in the case of the latter district confirmed that the investment was viable.

Valá gave no details of the projected investments for the projects but gave assurances that, if they were approved by central government, Zambézia would fulfil a long-held dream of have a business agriculture sector.

Zambézia has great agricultural potential that is not being made use of and since the bankruptcy of the large and medium-sized companies that were nationalised by the State during the one party regime little investment has been channelled to the province over the last few years.

Gurué district, more specifically, the administrative posts and hamlets of Ruace and Lioma, where Zambézia’s agricultural giants are located, continue to have large areas that are as yet unused. The populations have invaded these areas to use them for dry land farming, but there are vast areas that have yet to be explored. (macauhub)