Cape Verde’s ports privatisation programme to be end in June 2010

3 December 2009

Praia, Cape Verde, 3 Dec – The process of privatisation of Cape Verde’s port services is due to be concluded in June, 2010, the manager of the Programme for Regulation and Privatisations in Cape Verde said in Praia Wednesday.

The process, said José Manuel Fortes, will initially cover processing of goods in the ports of Praia, Mindelo and Palmeira, which account for 93 percent of cargo processed on the archipelago.

The ports of Praia and Mindelo are due to be handed over to two concession-holders, whilst the port of Palmeira will have just one concession.

At these three ports, as well as the remaining port facilities in the country, licenses will be granted for the different port services.
Enapor – Portos de Cabo Verde is the state company that manages the nine sea port facilities, one on each island, with a focus on the three international ports of Praia (Santiago), Porto Grande (São Vicente), which receive large draft ships, and Palmeira (Sal).

In August of this year, the chairman of the board of Enapor, Franklim Spencer, told Portuguese news agency Lusa that in 2012 Cape Verde would be prepared to compete with any port, noting the port of Sao Vicente, where the government plans to create and “economic centre” providing a Dity Free zone with tax free products.

The aim, he said, was to increase from 150/200 ships to 00/500 ships and increase the number of re-exported containers from 2,000 to 4,000 or 5.000, whilst also serving as a platform for ships from oil companies in the Mid Atlantic. (macauhub)