Mozambique nets US$200 million in tourist revenues since January

4 December 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 4 Dec – Mozambique has obtained US$200 million in tourism revenues since January of this year, as compared to US$90 million five years ago and the number of tourists visiting the country has risen two-fold in the same period to 1.5 million, the country’s Tourism Minister, Fernando Sumbana said Thursday in Maputo.

At a ceremony to launch the “To Serve Well” programme, which aims to adopt ways of serving customers in all of Mozambique’s business sectors, Sumbana gave assurances that in Mozambique “tourism was seeing continuous growth,” not having suffered the effects of the world financial crisis “as much as” had occurred in other business sectors.

“The (world economic) crisis has effects on our country (but) not as high, because our Government, with due notice, took measures to mitigate it, but we feel that soem sectors have suffered,” he said.

“We have not seen a fall in terms of growth of tourism,” the minister added.

Sumbana and Mozambique’s Minister for Trade and Industry, António Fernando, Thursday in Maputo launched the “To Serve Well” Programme, which aims to mobilise and involve all public and private entities to welcome and best serve customers and visitors, in an initiative that is hoped will capitalise on the opportunities of the Football World Cup held in South Africa in 2010.

The programme’s execution, which is expected to cost 6.5 million meticals (US$225,000), is the responsibility of the Ministries for Tourism and for Trade and Industry, which will train staff from various areas to encourage a better climate, particularly at border areas. (macauhub)