Mozambique expected to increase revenues from tourism sector

15 December 2009

Maputo, Mozambique, 15 Dec – Mozambique’s Tourism Minister, Fernando Sumbana Jr. told Macauhub that Mozambique was expected to see a rise in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the next five years as a result of investments in the tourism sector.

“We are currently at around 2.5 percent and the work being carried out by the government is aimed at creating conditions to reach 4 percent,” Sumbana told Macauhub on the sidelines of preparations to launch a film about the Gorongosa National Park, located in Sofala province, in central Mozambique.

Sumbana said he believed that the film, entitled, “Gorongosa National Park, Africa’s Lost Eden,” produced by US television channel National Geographic will increase interest in visiting the Gorongosa National Park as well as other parts of Mozambique.

Gorongosa National Park, with an area of 3,700 square kilometres, was severely affected by the armed conflict and is now being renewed with the involvement of the Mozambican government and the Karr Foundation that has invested thousand of dollars, according to Sumbana.

“Every year US$1.2 million is being invested,” Sumbana said.

Sumbana noted the so-called “Anchor Projects” and the “Arco Norte” project, the latter having already been approved by the council of ministers, as those that would provide a great contribution to the country’s revenues.

The Mozambican government recently launched an international public tender to attract potential investors to the central-northern Mozambique, willing to invest no less than US$50 million. (macauhub)