Cape Verde builds four wind farms

18 December 2009

Praia, Cape Verde, 18 Dec – The government of Cape Verde and two foreign companies, Vestel and Infraco Tuesday signed a contract for construction of four wind farms, aimed at providing 25 percent of the electricity consumed on the archipelago.

Estimated at some US$94 million, the final project outlines that at least one of Cape Verde’s nine inhabited islands, Brava, will be self sufficient in electricity provided by wind farms.

Santiago, S.Vicente, Sal and Boa Vista are the islands chosen by the Cape Verdean government for construction of four wind farms that are due to go into operation within two years.

The four farms are expected to provide, at least 25 percent of Cape Verde’s current electricity requirements, or 28 megawatts.

Power production at the wind farms will also allow Cape Verde to sell CO2 (carbon) credits, estimated at 50,000 tonnes. (macauhub)