Portugal’s AEP Business Association focusing on markets in Angola, Dubai, Russia and Brazil

6 January 2010

Porto, Portugal, 6 Jan – The Business Association of Portugal (AEP) plans to hold six fairs in Luanda in 2010, along with 35 actions to support the internationalisation of Portuguese companies, the association’s vice-president has announced.

The AEP’s strategy will this year focus on the “priority goals” of promoting national companies’ internationalisation by expansion of their export base and enhancing the country’s production capacity, Paulo Nunes de Almeida said on Tuesday in Porto.

As part of its second “Business on the Way” project backed by the Competitiveness Factors Operational Programme, the AEP will organise 11 business missions and a roadshow this year.

It also plans to take various Portuguese companies, products and services to 23 fairs (19 sector-specific and four multi-focus) in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe.

Nunes de Almeida highlighted the association’s emphasis on “markets with import potential” such as Brazil, Angola, South Africa, Libya, Israel, Iran, India and Canada. This year it will also follow up on “actions already rooted in interesting markets” such as Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, Morocco, Turkey and Switzerland, he added.