Financing in place for new natural parks in Cape Verde

7 January 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 7 Jan – The new natural parks planned for this year in Cape Verde count two financing lines together worth more than US$6 million and involve the islands of Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Boa Vista and Sal.

Cape Verde’s minister of the environment, rural development and marine resources, José Maria Veiga, told the country’s Inforpress news agency that the first financing was meant for the natural parks in Sao Vicente (Monte Velho) and Santo Antao (Morro?os and Cova) and the second for areas in Boa Vista (Curral Velho to Baluarte) and Sal (Sino to Costa de Fragata).

The parks in Santo Antao and Sao Vicente will get under way this year and deserve special attention, Veiga said, adding that a team has already been set up to launch the project.

The establishment of five new natural parks is included in the country’s project to preserve protected areas financed by the Global Environment Fund.

Cape Verde currently counts three protected areas, namely Monte Gordo (Sao Nicolau), Serra da Malagueta (Santiago) and Fogo Natural Park, which benefit from a project financed by the Global Environment Fund.