Airport in Tete, Mozambique, to receive international air traffic

7 January 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 7 Jan – Work to upgrade the Chingodzi air terminal in the city of Tete, begun in 2007, is in the final phase and will enable the airport to begin receiving international flights in the first half of this year, the Maputo newspaper Noticias has reported.

Most of the work on the building is completed, from improved air conditioning for the boarding areas and equipping of other spaces to provide better service to users, the provincial director of Transport and Communications in Tete, Paz Catruza, told the newspaper.

“Plans call for the Chingodzi Aerodrome to begin receiving international traffic in the first six months. The basic conditions are already in place and we hope to finish within the next three months what’s necessary to achieve that transition,” Catruza said.

The airport’s director, José Checanhanza, said that work on the air navigation area was already finished. He highlighted the construction of a new radio-aid system known as VOR-DNE, a runway lighting system and apron.

Work on equipping the domestic and international boarding areas is already near completion, Checanhanza said, adding that besides a new conveyor belt, security equipment such as x-ray devices will be placed at the entrance to the boarding areas and in the VIP room, while another with more capacity will be located at the check-in counter.