Cape Verdean government studies forestry project on Sal Island

12 January 2010

Espargos, Cape Verde, 12 Jan – The Cape Verdean government is studying plans to implement a forestry project on Sal, one of the country’s most arid islands, which will make use of residual water distribution potential.

The island country’s Minister of the Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources, Jose Maria Veiga, announced that intention on Monday. Sal has “able bases” for developing reforestation, he said.

Veiga made his comments in Espargos during a visit to the island. He stressed that the project, still under study, will have to be carried out in partnership with the local authorities, national government and private institutions working in the sector.

Veiga, who provided neither figures for the project nor a date for work to begin, visited the Aguas da Ponta Preta and Viveiros de Cotton Bay developments, which he deemed to be “experienced partners” that have technology available in the sector.

“We are aware that residual water will be necessary to resolve projects of this kind,” he said, adding that the Aguas da Ponta Preta company had been doing “fantastic” work in the sector of residual water production and distribution, power production and desalinisation.

“Here on Sal Island we have the fundamental bases that allow us to set up this reforestation project,” Veiga said. He stressed that the project will be a way to attract existing international resources resulting from major programmes linked to climate changes. (macauhub)