Angolan government invests in protecting Luanda’s coast

12 January 2010

Luanda, Angola, 12 Jan – The Angolan government has invested 14 million dollars in the first and second phases of work to protect the coast in the Chicala district of Ingombota municipality in Luanda, the Angolan news agency Angop has reported.

The coastal protection project is being conducted by the Hidroportos company and involves the shoring up of breaches with dredged sand.

Fernando Francisco, an infrastructures engineer from the Public Works Ministry, told Angop on Monday that the project’s first phase began in 2005 with the construction of three breakwaters using limestone and cement blocks.

The project’s second phase includes the building of two more breakwaters, which should be completed this year, making a total of five, Francisco said.

The breakwaters already built are proving effective according to plan as sand is being deposited between them, he added.

Besides the construction of breakwaters, the project under the aegis of the Public Works Ministry also involves the use of sand from the sea to expand residential and leisure space.

The Chicala sandbank is 1.8 km long and between 40 and 220 metres wide.