Agricultural surplus in Mozambique’s Manica province over 1 million tonnes

13 January 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 13 Jan – Mozambique’s Manica province had an agricultural production surplus in 2009 that was more than 1 million tonnes more than internal consumption, the Maputo newspaper Noticias has reported.

During the period, Manica produced a total of 1.638 million tonnes, more than the 1.618 million tonnes forecast, states an article published on Tuesday, adding that its 1.4 million inhabitants only consume 600,000 tonnes of agricultural products.

The figures are contained in a report presented during a meeting of the Manica government in the provincial capital Chimoio. The province’s director of planning and finance, Chaibo Selemane, indicated that the production represented an increase of 18.9 percent over 2008, when the figure was 1.378 million tonnes.

Manica’s farm production surpluses are sold in other Mozambican provinces, namely Sofala, Tete, Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo.