China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Company builds power plant in East Timor

19 January 2010

Hera, East Timor, 19 Jan – The China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Company (CNI22) is due to start construction of the Hera power plant, which will make it possible to expand the electricity grid across East Timor, according to the East Timor presidential authorities.

President José Ramos Horta Friday headed up a ceremony to lay the first stone for construction of the power plant, located 10 kilometres to the east of Dili, a project which is the result of a contract signed in October 2008 between the Timor government and the Chinese company.

The contract for construction of the Hera power plant includes a project for electricity coverage over 630 kilometres, covering part of the 13 districts and which also includes construction of a second plant, in Same, in the south of the country.

Electricity supply will cover the entire country, with the possibility of having links with neighbouring countries in the future.

The value of the contract is around US$360 million, of which US$91 million will be used for the plants and other facilities, and almost US$270 million will be for cables, sub-stations and other facilities. (macauhub)