Cape Verdean government launches tender for construction of three dams funded by Portugal

22 January 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 22 Jan – The government of Cape Verde is set to launch an international tender next week for the construction of three dams to hold rainwater, the chairman of the National Institute for Management of Water Resources said Thursday in Praia.

António Pedro Borges said that the dams would be funded by Portugal as part of a financial package of 100 million euros.

The work, which will make it possible to keep hold of a lot of the rainwater that drains off into the sea, is due to begin in the first quarter of this year, Borges said, noting that, within a maximum of two years, two of the dam would be complete.

The financial package provided by the Portuguese government, as well as the three dams, also includes the development of projects in the areas of renewable energy, construction of dykes and also drilling 70 boreholes to provide more water to irrigate areas that are regularly prone to droughts.

The Poilão dam, built by Chinese technicians in the Ribeira Seca hydrographical basin, makes it possible to irrigate 65 hectares of land and provides employment to hundreds of families, in neighbouring areas.

The facility is 26 metres high, 15 metres long and has a reservoir with a water storage capacity of 1.7 million cubic metres, which was first totally filled in September 2009, providing water for the region’s agriculture for the next two years. (macauhub)