67.2 percent of first development support package already received by Cape Verde

2 February 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 2 Feb – The Millennium Challenge Account/Cape Verde (MCA/CV) disbursed last year US$67.8 million of the 100.8 million included in the first package signed by Cape Verde and the United States, indicate figures released in Praia.

The figures are reported in the MCA/CV’s January 2010 bulletin, in which the management unit details progress on the various projects covered by the compact signed in 2005 and reinforced with more than US$9.2 million in 2009.

The MCA/Cape Verde covers projects involving agriculture, agricultural infrastructures, the establishment of various centres for production and environmental management, water, transport, warehousing and soil conservation, as well as information on market prices and access to credit, financial analyses and training, among others.

The figures released on Monday precede by several days the arrival in Cape Verde of the new executive director of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Daniel Yohannes, who will meet with local authorities to discuss aspects associated to the second compact on financial aid to the island country.

Yohannes will be in Praia on Friday, where he is to meet with government officials and representatives of civil society and the MCA/Cape Verde to ascertain progress on the current compact, which runs to the end of this year.

The MCC announced on 8 December 2009 that Cape Verde had been elected for a second compact, stressing that it was the first state with middle income country status to benefit from such assistance. (macauhub)