Concession-holder to drill to more wells in Inhaminga block, Mozambique

9 February 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 9 Feb – Prospecting and surveying for oil and gas started in 2009 in the Inhaminga block is due to end this year with the drilling of a further two wells, said the director for Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique’s Sofala province, Júlio Mahumane.

Work is being carried out, under the terms of a contract signed in 2003, by multinational Norwegian company DNO (det Norske Olse-Selskap) ASA Mozambique , which is currently involved in de-mining the locations covered by the project, as well as opening up access routes and collecting seismic data.

For the de-mining work DNO ASA Mozambique has contracted companies in Mozambique and South Africa, such as Integra and Mechen, whilst the seismic data collection was handed over to Canadian company Harmattan FZC, according to Mozambican newspaper Notícias.

In the past, DNO ASA Mozambique, as the concession-holder and operator of the block, acquired 2D seismic surveys, drilled three wells, gathered aero-magnetic data and geo-chemical samples from the interior of teh districts of Dondo and Muanza in Sofala.

Despite the company’s efforts and investments, operations have yet to provide oil or gas strikes, although they have provided the company with a better assessment of the Inhaminga block.

This has led DNO to continue with research work and to consider additional investment this year, with a view to testing the remaining potential and the possibility of there being oil and/or gas in this block. (macauhub)