Macau and Guangdong province seek partners in Portugal and Spain

9 February 2010

Macau, China, 9 Feb – Macau and the Chinese province of Guangdong next Summer are due to organise joint promotional activities in Portugal and Spain, the new president of the Macau Institute for Promotion of Trade and Investment (Ipim), said Monday.

Speaking to Portuguese news agency Lusa, the new president of Ipim, Jackson Chang, noted that “we will take advantage of the Business Meeting between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, which is due to be held in Lisbon in June, to organise missions with businesspeople from China and Macau, possibly in Porto and in Spain.”

Over 100 projects that are part of the development plan for the Pearl River Delta region will be presented to the Portuguese and Spanish investors. Beijing plans to transform the region inro one of the most competitive blocks in the Asia-Pacific region by 2020 and the Chinese businesspeople, in their turn, will be shown business opportunities on the Iberian peninsula.

The joint effort by Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong is a strategy for the future, but still required better coordination, said Jackson Chang, noting that the role of Macau in the context of China, “will specifically be economic integration in the Delta region, due to its small size.”

Jackson Chang also noted the important role Macau plays as an economic platform between the People’s Republic of China and the Portuguese-speaking world: “Chinese businesspeople know that from here it is easier to reach the Portuguese-speaking markets, which can also make use of Macau to invest in China as we have people who speak Portuguese and we understand the culture.”

Recognising that “more can be done for small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises (SMEs) to pay more attention to the potential of the Portuguese-speaking world,” Jackson Chang gave assurances that Ipim would this year continue its “intense activity in those markets,” and it was already scheduled to take part in Portuguese fair Ovibeja, in April and the Mozambique Trade Fair.

Jackson Chang, who was an executive board member of Ipim, has taken over from Lee Peng Hong who was nominated to the board of directors of the Macau-Zhuhai Cross-Border Industrial Park. (macauhub)