Mozambican government creates public irrigation company for the Lower Limpopo

11 February 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 11 Feb – The Mozambican government has approved a decree establishing the Lower Limpopo Public Irrigation Company with a view to developing the agricultural economy in that region of Gaza province.

Government spokesman and Deputy Justice Minister Alberto Nkutumula said the new company would support and provide services for agricultural production in the irrigated perimeter and encourage the creation of a business community via sustainable and long term market connections.

The Lower Limpopo irrigation area is one of the most important in this region of southern Mozambique, and was subject to recovery work several years ago.

At the same Monday meeting of the Council of Ministers, the government approved a change in electricity rates. Farmers will no longer pay according to contracted power, but rather for electric energy actually consumed, which should lower their bills substantially.

This electricity invoice reduction should make agricultural activity more competitive and foster increased production, Nkutumula said. (macauhub)