Mbanza Kongo aerodrome in Angola to be expanded

12 February 2010

Mbanza Kong, Angola, 12 Feb – Work to refurbish and expand the runway at the Mbanza Kongo aerodrome in Angola’s Zaire province was re-launched Monday, with the project expected to be concluded in June of this year, Angolan news agency Angop reported Thursday.

According to Angop, the work, which was postponed in 2009 for administrative reasons, is now at the stage of removal of the old asphalt in order to later level the runway and apply a new layer of asphalt.

According to the provincial director for Transport, Postal Services and Telecommunications of Zaire, Jeremias Timóteo, the terms of the contract signed in 2007 between Enana and the company awarded the contract is still in force.

According to the contract, the runway will be extended to 2730 metres in length, as compared to its current 1,800 metres, and widened to 45 metres, which is 15 metres more than its current width.

The agreement also includes construction of roads for aircraft to circulate on the apron and their signage, overall costs of which are expected to total US$10 million.

The work will make it possible for aircraft such as Boeing 737-800 and 777-200 to land at the aerodrome. (macauhub)