Angola launches artisanal fishing communication and management system

18 February 2010

Luanda, Angola, 18 Feb – A system of marine vigilance, communication and management of artisanal fishing was launched Monday in Luanda by the National Institute of Artisanal Fishing in partnership with the International Maritime Information Systems (IMIS) organisation.

The system, known as Maritraq, is a management communication and observation instrument which aims, amongst other functions, to gather data about the location of vessels, about catches and illegal fishing by foreigners.

The system will benefit 2,500 fishermen initially in the provinces of Luanda, Kwanza Sul, Benguela and Namibe, and is the result of financing from the World Bank of US$500,000 and is part of the Project for Development of Artisanal Fishing, by the Artisanal Fishing Institute.

The chief executive of the IMIS, the South African institution that created the system, Chiboni Evans, said that the equipment had been acquired following an international tender won by her company. (macauhub)