Cape Verdean government signs contract to modernize Santo Antao port

23 February 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 23 Feb – Cape Verde’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is to sign on Tuesday in Praia a contract with a Portuguese/Cape Verdean consortium to upgrade and expand the Porto Novo port on Santo Antao island.

The project aims to extend the dock, build a container terminal and set up a modern passenger terminal, for a total cost estimated at 2.5 billion escudos (22.6 million euros). It should be completed in 20 months by the consortium headed by the companies DRTH and Empreitel Figueiredo.

The upgrade of the port on Santo Antao, currently the island’s only link to the rest of the country, is part of the strategy to modernize Cape Verde’s port sector by 2012, the government has indicated.

A major project involving the ground-up construction or renovation of port and airport infrastructures has been under way for several years on almost all the country’s islands. Work on upgrading the port in Praia should be completed by the end of this year.

In 2005 Cape Verde had only one international airport, on Sal Island. Since then, a further three have opened to international traffic: Praia, Boavista and Sao Vicente. The latter opened on 22 December 2009.