Cape Verdean parliament to legislate on gambling

25 February 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 25 Feb – Members of Cape Verde’s parliament began on Wednesday in Praia debating a government bill concerning regulation of the legal framework governing the operation of games of fortune or chance.

The proposal amends a 2005 law and aims to create conditions for supervising games of fortune and chance. The respective legislation would pave the way for casinos to open in the island country.

During a September 2008 visit to Macau, Cape Verde’s State Secretary for the Economy Humberto Brito told Portuguese news agency Lusa that Cape Verde would have a legal framework for the casino gambling sector by the end of that year.

On the occasion, Brito said he would like to see in Cape Verde an investment by David Chow, a gaming sector entrepreneur and Cape Verde’s honorary consul in Macau.

Cape Verde’s parliament comprises 41 members from the incumbent African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV), 29 from the opposition Movement for Democracy (MpD) and two from the Cape Verdean Democratic Independence Union (UCID).