Road between Chimoio and Mossurize in Mozambique to be paved

5 March 2010

Dombe, Mozambique, 5 March – Asphalting work on National Road 260 between the city of Chimoio and the districts of Sussundenga and Mossurize, over 230 kilometres, is due to begin in the second half of the year, said Mozambique’s deputy minister for Public Works and Housing.

Speaking to Mozambican newspaper Notícias in Dombe, Deputy Minsiter Carvalho Muária said that the amount for funding the project, expected to cost US$110 million, had already been paid out by the central government with the aid of the World Bank.

The tender for the project, the deputy minister said, had already been launched, although he gave no details about the selected contractor.

The project is of great importance for the development of the so-called “Mossurize Corridor,” along which are located important natural resources, including arable land and many agricultural, forestry, water, tourist, mining and livestock resources.

National Road 260 is also the main road linking the city of Chimoio to the district headquarters of Sussundenga, the administrative post of Dombe and the border town of Espungabera, the district headquarters of Mossurize, bordering teh Zimbabwean district of Chipingue. (macauhub)