Cacuaco/Viana ring motorway in Luanda due for conclusion in June

11 March 2010

Luanda, Angola, 11 March – The 22 kilometres of the Cacuaco/Viana ring road in the direction of Cabolombo (Benfica), in the Angolan capital of Luanda, are due to be completed by June of this year when the bridge linking it to the Boavista/Kifandongo expressway is also finished, according to Angolan news agency Angpop.

Speaking to the agency, the director general of Brazilian contractor Odebrecht, José Diniz added that micro- and macro-drainage, asphalting, lighting, signage and other complementary work was complete.

Built approximately over three years (and of 2007 to 2010) the Cacuaco/Viana ring road will have three driving lanes in each direction, a stopping/parking area and guard rails.

The Cacuaco/Viana/Cabolombo (Benfica) ring road, which is part of the government programme to restructure the capital’s main and tertiary roads, is intended to link the municipalities of Cacuaco, Viana and Samba and make travelling by car to these areas easier.

Despite its main aim of improving traffic circulation in the country’s capital, it will also make travelling to the north, south and centre of Angola easier, notably to the provinces of Bengo, Uíge, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Benguela, Huíla, Huambo and Bié.. (macauhub)