Huambo, Angola may produce electricity from eucalyptus

11 March 2010

Huambo, Angola, 11 March – Angolana nd Brazilian specialists are assessing the forestry potential of Angola’s Huambo province with a view to preparing a project for electricity generation based on eucalyptus exploration, the provincial governor said Tuesday.

During a meeting with members of the provincial government and the administration of Tchindjendje, 115 kilometres from the city of Huambo, Faustino Muteka said that based on the potential of eucalyptus forest of Cuima (in the southwest of the province) 60 megawatts of electricity could be generated.

According to the governor, electricity production from eucalyptus, if it goes ahead, will progressively increase electrification rates in the region and would mark a new era in exploration and conservation of forest perimeters in the province.

At the moment work to recuperate and convert the Ngove dam, located 120 kilometres south of the city of Huambo, a project, which according to the governor, by the end of the year will generate 20 megawatts of power for the province.

The project, which includes installation of three turbines, will make it possible by 2011 to produce a total of 60 megawatts of electricity, 20 of which be for the neighbouring province of Bié.

Specialists estimate that for the execution of the industrial development programme for Huambo a further 100 megawatts of power will be needed. (macauhub)