Angola draws up country’s forestry inventory

19 March 2010

Luanda, Angola, 19 March – The Angolan deputy minister of Agriculture for Forest Resources, André de Jesus Moda said Friday in Luanda that the process of drawing up a forest inventory was underway across the country which will determine the amount of forest Angola has.

The inventory will be a database that will make it possible to assess the amount and type of resources that Angola has, as only this way can it begin it exploration in an objective manner. in terms of both quantity and quality, respecting high international and national demands, said Moda ahead of World Forest day which is marked on Saturday.

According to the deputy minister, in Angola forestry exploration is carried out in a traditional way by the population and by certain companies that work across most of the country where the greatest rain forests abound.

He added that there were also uncontrolled and non-authorised burn offs of forest, mainly in the centre and north of the country without measuring the effects these may have on the ecosystem.

Angola has artificial and natural forests covering an area of some 53 million hectares. (macauhub)