European Commission authorises Angola’s Taag to re-launch flights to Europe

31 March 2010

Brussels, Belgium, 31 March – The European Commission has decided to authorise Angolan airline Taag to re-launch flights to all European Union (EU) destinations, “under certain conditions and with specific aircraft,” the community government said Tuesday in Brussels.

The only destination that Taag had so far been authorised to fly to was Lisbon, also “only with certain aircraft and according to strict conditions.”

The Commission Tuesday updated its blacklist of companies banned from flying in European air space, and decided to keep all Angolan carriers on that list although it partially lifted restrictions on Taag.

In November the European Commission authorised the Angolan airline to increase the number of aircraft used on its flights to Portugal, after in July having authorised the airline to fly just to Portugal.

On 4 July 2007, Brussels announced that Taag had been added to its blacklist of airlines banned from flying in Europe, for reasons of lack of safety, after the Air Safety Committee had unanimously approved that decision.

The EC’s blacklist includes around 100 airlines forbidden from flying in European air space because they do not meet safety standards and are a danger to passengers. (macauhub)