Mozambique Leaf Tobacco invests 100 million meticals in buying tobacco

9 April 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 9 April – The Mozambique Leaf Tobacco company plans this year to invest 100 million meticals in buying tobacco produced by rural workers in the provinces of Niassa , Tete, Zambézia and Manica, one of the company’s direct ors said.

Cited by the Mozambican press, Pedro Calheiros said that that figure would get the company around 57,000 tons of raw material, produced on an area of around 60,000 hectares, involving 120,000 workers.

Despite irregular rainfall, the company hopes to achieve the targets set with the rural workers that supply the tobacco, due to compliance with instructions left by the company for sustainable tobacco production.

As well as “Burley” tobacco, which has traditionally been produced by the company, this season production of “Virginia” tobacco was launched, with an expected crop of 1,000 tons. In terms of “DCE” tobacco, the company expects production of 4,000 tons.

Tete is the province that has seen greatest investment from Mozambique Leaf Tobacco accounting for around 50 percent of total production, followed by Niassa province, which mainly produces “Burley” tobacco.

Tete province, in the 2008/2009 season, produced around 42,979 tons of tobacco, exceeding the 37,597 tons produced in the previous season, which represents a rise of around 12 percent year on year.

The sale prices of this product in Tete province vary between 21 and 60 meticals per kilo depending on the quality of the product. (macauhub)